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Before and after of hormonal acne around chin and jawline. Clear, smooth, flawless skin.
"I have been using Botanycl Skin Clear Elixir supplements for 3 months now and I have these to thank for my glowing, clearer skin! I have had acne for nearly 3 years now and I know for a fact 99% of my acne is caused by internal problems such as my gut health, diet and hormones. I took 2 of these tablets per day for 2 months (with a one month break) and you can clearly see the massive improvement of my cystic acne!! I literally couldn't be happier. I am soooo much more confident and my mental state has completely changed on how I perceive myself!" - Kara.
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After suffering with skin problems for many years and trying all sorts of harsh prescription medications with no results, I started to consider whether my hormones were to blame, and begun researching natural ways to balance my hormones.
My research into scientific studies and testimonials led me to a few natural, plant-based ingredients which reduce excess androgens (the male hormone responsible for skin problems). I started supplementing my diet with these ingredients and was amazed when my skin completely and totally cleared, and I've been clear ever since. I finally had the confidence to leave the house without makeup and for the first time ever got compliments on my skin.
The ingredients I was taking were not yet being sold for skin, so I decided to develop SkinClear Elixir, so that others can also experience the benefits of these evidence-based, active botanical ingredients. SkinClear Elixir was developed in a state of the art UK manufacturing facility working to strict GMP standards.
I am truly passionate about the ingredients inside SkinClear Elixir, as they have given me my confidence and happiness back - I hope I can help you too. 
Caroline Sims, Founder
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