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Calmed down my hormones, helped clear my skin

I’m a 23 year old female, and my skin concerns are mostly hormone related. I saw an ad for these and decided to try since the reviews were good. I’m a sceptical consumer, so I was very happy when I noticed a real change in my skin within the first month. I’ll be getting these every month now because they worked very well for me. When I stopped taking oral contraceptives my skin FLARED up big time. I needed something that could get my hormone levels to calm down. These are what really changed my complexion, more consistency and a huge reduction in the number of blemishes I get. In a month my skin cleared up almost completely. I also noticed a much more even oil balance in general across my face. I feel I can trust this as a long term solution as the ingredients are natural and vegan.

Precious A

Literally Life Changing!

If you really do suffer with bad hormonal skin I can't recommend this enough! I had tried EVERYthing on the market for my skin but I was still getting raised, sore chin blemishes that I couldn't hide with makeup.I didn't even realise how much it was affecting my confidence until this product cleared it up for me! I like a natural look and I'm well into my health and fitness and felt my skin was letting me down through no fault of my own and making me look... unhealthy at best! This product is worth every penny I just look at the price like it's a gym membership for my skin!

Elena-Leigh L

Incredible product

I really can't fault this product - it really has worked wonders for my skin. I've gone from years of putting up with painful blemishes spread across my chin to clear, smooth skin that I no longer need to be embarrassed about. I've even ditched my concealer which I usually wouldn't be seen without! I could never fully predict when my blemishes were going to randomly appear but now, I'm fully comfortable with leaving the house with no makeup on. In the past, I'd tried multiple products but when nothing seemed to work I came to terms with the fact I was always going to have bad skin, but I was so wrong!! Thank god I tried Botanycl. This product has really increased my confidence and proven that going back to basic with herbal, plant based products really is the way forward. I love it.

Sarah-Jane P

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